Capital Works

With our specialist workforce and our own fleet of equipment, Pructon develops, improves and expands upon our customers’ infrastructure needs. We have completed major and minor onsite infrastructure projects for substantial organisations.
This allows us to perform capital works on the vast scale required for mining projects, including:

  • Workshop fabrication and installation

  • Camp construction / refurbishments / installations

  • Installation of piping and secondary supports above and below ground in the oil & gas, process and services piping sector

  • Installation of heavy mechanical equipment such as crushers, screens, mills, ship loaders, stacker & reclaimers, compressors, process skids, boilers & turbines (Gas systems)

  • Installation of large bins & tanks for the mineral processing and petrochemical industries including thickeners, process tanks, elevated storage bins, silos and miscellaneous storage and reagent tanks

We offer a full array of project management services.

We have extensive experience in managing infrastructure projects and have successfully completed many projects. We do this by effectively planning and delivering capital works projects safely, on time and within budget, no matter the scale or location.

These capabilities allow us to deliver a comprehensive construction management service, with all the necessary resources, when and where required. A dedication to quality service and a proven performance record support these with our customers.