Shutdown Planning, Management and Execution

With our vast experience in shutdown services, we use our expertise, knowledge and experience to support businesses in managing their downtime. Businesses cannot afford to stop production for too long, which is why our service offerings are designed to keep your downtime to a minimum.

Our quick-response, dedicated resources and commitment to service, quality and safety allows us to provide a reliable and efficient service to you. Your needs become our solutions.

Safe, versatile and efficient

Pructon completes planned and unplanned works efficiently, and with safety being our top priority. Our experienced and flexible team have a variety of skills and qualifications, allowing us to deliver superior shutdown and maintenance services to you.

This includes:

  • Shutdown planning, management and delivery

  • Fixed and mobile plant maintenance and upgrades

  • Fabrication and erection

  • Shovel shutdowns, maintenance and upgrades

  • Specialist concrete and structural remediation

  • Machining and fitting services

  • Engineering and welding services

  • Minor and sustained capital works