Project Services

Structural, Mechanical, Piping

Structural, Mechanical & Piping

Supporting major mining, EPCMs and port operators, Pructon has delivered diverse process plant projects within Southern and North Queensland coal and bauxite industry, within Northern Territory bauxite, iron ore, Defence and Government.

Pructon’s SMP services include the life cycle management of projects – providing fabrication supervision and quality-controlled pre-assembly – resulting in consistently meeting project milestones.

Pructon can additionally provide supply chain logistics coordination – ensuring that steelwork is produced in the correct order and to the required transport envelope – delivering optimum productivity on-site.

Tradie cutting a mining pipe
Putting a large steel structure into place for a mine

Materials Handling

Pructon has undertaken considerable work in the construction of materials handling infrastructure. Supporting major miners, EPCMs and port operators, Pructon has delivered diverse materials handling projects within the Darwin Port, Southern and North Queensland coal and bauxite industry, within Northern Territory bauxite.

    Mine and Port Stockyards

    The Pructon specialist team has constructed mine and port stockyard infrastructure. Employing trades of all disciplines, Pructon can deliver Civil SMP turn-key installations of:

    • Overland conveyor sections
    • Transfer towers and sample stations
    • Train unloaders, tippler cells and apron feeders
    • Train load-out bins, chutes and hoppers
    • Dust suppression and fire water supply
    Materials Handling Machines Pructon has the technical capability and experience to erect and commission mining and port materials handling machines. Pructon offers complete mechanical, hydraulic and commissioning of:
    • Stackers
    • Ship Loaders

    Modular Construction (PAM)

    Pructon has completed modular construction for our client through piping racks, platforms and tanks in the Northern Territory and Queensland. The PAM were placed onto barges, shipped over to the site, and moved by self-propelled transports (SPMTs) or road transport. Pructon has also completed Part-PAM with the completion of the construction done on-site.

    • Reduced on-site labour costs
    • Improved steel alignment quality
    • Reduced site installation durations
    • Services – Materials Handling

    Project Consulting

    Pructon’s Tendering and Engineering team provides professional services to our clients throughout Australia. Our team comprises experienced engineers, estimators, schedulers and cost analysts.

    Throughout construction delivery, Pructon’s site-based project teams provide professional reporting to ensure that our clients are always kept up to date.

    Tendering and Feasibility Studies

    Pructon’s Tendering and Engineering Department offers feasibility assessments ranging from budget proposals at project conception to firm bid submissions prior to tender award.

    Our engineers and estimators have an intimate appreciation of the labour, equipment and material resourcing associated with construction projects. Pructon can provide realistic tender bids with all aspects considered. 

    Constructability Review

    Pructon provides professional constructability analysis to major miners on Australia’s most prominent resources and construction projects.

    We encourage early project involvement with clients to help reduce capital expenditure and accelerate construction durations. Our services include:


    • Practical site-access routes
    • Construction sequencing and scheduling
    • Ongoing communication with suppliers
    • Crane capacity assessment and steelwork lifting-point recommendations
    • Pre-assembly benefits and off-site modularisation potential
    • Ongoing Project Support


    Pructon provides clients with professional support before, during and after the completion of construction projects. To ensure that our clients remain intimately informed about all aspects of the project, we offer ongoing reporting deliverables, including:


    • Construction methodologies and execution plans
    • HSE reports and statistics
    • Microsoft schedules and ‘look-ahead’ forecasts
    • Financial reports and projected budget analysis
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