Train Rail & Welding

Track Maintenance & Construction

Track Maintenance & Construction Services

Pructon provides track maintenance and construction services within the mining sectors of Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Our team of qualified trades and welders can remove redundant tracks and lay new, weld, and maintain clips and anchor points. Crews are equipped with all equipment to undertake welding, sandblasting and coating, and core drilling to replace hold-down bolts.

These services are provided within the rail profiles of Standard track, Light rail, Narrow gauge and Crane Rail.


  • Track repair and maintenance
  • Track relocation and replacement
  • Re-sleeper and Re-timbering
  • Aluminothermic Welder – Qualified in Thermit and RailTech process
  • Re-railing and steel replacement
  • New Track Construction
  • Turnout Construction Maintenance
  • Steel Scrap Removal
  • Switch Grinding
  • Track Ballast Undercutting
  • Ultra-sonic Testing
  • Verse Testing
Replacement of Fisherman's Landing 1 rail located in Gladstone ports