Design, Fabricate & Install Solvent, Thermal Oxidizer, Caustic, Hydro Blasting Access & Steam Lines

Project Details

Project Overview

Solvent Pipeline

Designed, fabricated, removed, and installed a new DN600 316 stainless steel solvent pipeline and all supports.

Pructon assisted Northern Oil in re-designing a DN900 pipe down to DN600 to reduce supply and fabrication costs. The original piping was failing due to stress and poor design.

Thermal Oxidiser

Fabricated and installed 253MA high temp stainless steel vapour nozzles to thermal oxidiser unit with confined space entry. Fabricated and installed three 316 stainless steel seamless pipelines from the nozzles of the thermal oxidiser to the condenser unit.

Scope Included

  • Supply of pipe supports
  • Installation of 3 x flame arresting units
  • Installation of 3 x control valves
  • Installation of 3 x double block and bleeds

Pructon designed and installed new flame-arresting units to prevent flashbacks from the thermal oxidiser unit travelling through pipework that may have caused plant damage. This project aimed to increase the safety from flashbacks coming from the thermal oxidiser unit and decrease odours on site. We also installed new vapour lines to remove vapours from ground level to increase on-site personnel safety.

Caustic Lines

Designed, fabricated, removed and installed a 316 stainless steel caustic pump, pipelines and supports. This allowed an increased flow of caustic to areas around the site to increase production.

Hydro Blasting Access

Designed, fabricated and installed hydro DN250 blasting inspection points to carbon pipes on site. This allowed the hydro blasting team access to clear blockages in the system without entering confined spaces around the site.

Steam Line

Designed, fabricated and installed a new 2″ carbon steam line and supports throughout the entire processing plant. This was designed to increase steam flow to all pumps on-site and allowed our client to recycle their condensate so it could be used in the process.

Scope of Work

  • Design of pipework
  • Off-site fabrication in our Gladstone workshop
  • Demolition of redundant pipework and structural steel
  • Installation of piping and structural steel
  • On-site pressure welding of carbon and stainless steel pipe


Northern Oil


Gladstone, QLD

Year of Completion: