Mirani WWTP Upgrade Mechanical

Project Details

Pructon were engaged to undertake the mechanical fabrication and installation of all equipment associated with the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

This involved the installation of mechanical equipment such as pipework, valves and pumps. With a crew of over fifteen personnel, Pructon managed and delivered the installation of all mechanical equipment associated with the plant through to the project’s commissioning phase.

Scope of Work

  • Offsite Fabrication of piping and structural
  • Installation of piping and structural steel
  • PTA tie-in from the original plant to new
  • IDEA tank, installation of all pumps, valves, pipework and structural steel. Install of client supplied items, aeration grid, pen stops and stop boards
  • UV building, installation of UPVC and HDPE piping, along with valves, pumps and structural steel, client-supplied items, UV units sampling stations
  • Chemical dosing system, all tanks and UPVC piping, structural steel and surface treatment
  • CIP & back pulse tank, installation of all piping and accosted fittings
  • Service water, install all piping valves and pumps
  • Blower room, installation of blower equipment, pipework and lagging, commissioning of the blower units
  • GDD & TWAS pumping station, installation of client-supplied items, pumps and pipe work
  • Centrifuge unit, installation and all mechanical equipment
  • Hydrotesting of all underground piping and above-ground piping
  • Commissioning


Mackay City Council


Mirani (Mackay), QLD

Year of Completion: