Shoalhaven WWTP Upgrade Mechanical

Project Details

UGL engaged Pructon to undertake the mechanical installation of all equipment associated with the $110m Wastewater Treatment Plant at Nowra (greenfields) and Bomaderry (brownfields) in NSW.

This involved the installation of mechanical equipment such as pipework, valves and pumps. With a crew of over forty personnel, Pructon managed and delivered the installation of all mechanical equipment associated with the plant and through to the commissioning phase of the project.

Scope of Work

  • Offsite fabrication of piping and structural
  • Installation of piping and structural steel
  • Inlet works, band and bar screen installation, penstocks, piping, valves, pumps, Tanks, flow meters, grit system screens and handling
  • Bioreactors, RAS and WAS pumps, pipework, valves and fittings, mixers, diffusers, Aeration pipework and valves, blower pipework and instruments, aeration grid
  • Equalisation tanks, pipe work, valves and pumps
  • Tertiary filters, all pipework, valves and pumps, backwash trough, stop boards, air scour blowers and weir
  • UV disinfection and REMS + SSW, valves, instruments and pipework, pumps and UV bank, REMS pumps, mixers, pressure tank and hose reels
  • Chemicals dosing, Tanks, pipework, valves pumps and flowmeters and instruments chorine dosing system
  • Sludge lagoons and DEWAT, piping, valves, pumps and mixers, flowmeters and stop boards.
  • HDPE piping installation
  • Hydrotesting of all underground piping and above-ground piping
  • Commissioning




Nowra (Wollongong), NSW

Year of Completion: