Design & Construct Underground Fuel & Control System

Project Details

Lend Lease engaged Pructon to undertake the site design, procurement, installation and commissioning of a diesel fuel system on an Australian Defence Force (ADF) base in the Katherine NT region.

The project was located on a facility site for the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighters. Site design and procurement of components followed strict ADF guidelines.

Pructon’s crew completed the civil works, including deep excavation for the fuel tanks and trenching for the fuel lines. Work included HDPE welding, stringent pressure testing of the fuel lines, and installing the electrical conduit, cabling and instrumentation.

Pructon’s scope included designing and installing the electrical control system and commissioning the tanks, fuel lines and control system.

Scope of Work

  • Design and certification of the tanks and pipework
  • Excavation and concrete works of foundations
  • Installation of tanks below ground and pipework
  • HDPE and carbon welding
  • Design of the electrical and control system
  • Certifying and commissioning the system


Lend Lease


Katherine, NT

Year of Completion: