Pructon is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a bid contract with Fulton Hogan Construction, for upgrade works on Mt Kynoch Water Treatment Plant.

The contract forms part of the work being undertaken to upgrade the Mt Kynoch facility. The project will not only increase the capacity of the treatment plant but also secure service reliability for the Toowoomba region. Built in 1975, the water treatment plant has long served the region however with substantial population growth in the area, and this growth expected to continue, significant works are needed to ensure that the plant can maintain the necessary processing volume.

According to a statement by Toowoomba Region Council Water and Waste Committee Chair, Rebecca Vonhoff, the council is expecting to invest close to $28 million over the next three financial years in order to support these upgrades*.

On Friday 24th March 2023, Pructon was awarded a contract that will require the installation of two sets of platforms as well as associated SMP (structural, mechanical, and piping) work. The treatment plant upgrades will see the plant go from a filtration capacity of 49ML/day to 65ML/day.

“Pructon is pleased to continue its working relationship with Fulton Hogan that began in 2019 at the Oxley water treatment plant in QLD. The works Pructon is to undertake in Toowoomba fall in line with our capabilities and experience in completing mechanical, structural, and piping projects within water treatment. Our fabrication facility has recently completed platform manufacturing for the project and will continue to support as the works are undertaken” – Sam Gerrard, Managing Director Pructon, 2023

Works will commence March 2023.

*Councillor Dr Rebecca Vonhoff, Facebook, April 1st 2022